Demo Reel

Demo Reel 2022

A collection of my animation work from the past few years! Clips are from Blender, Maya, IbisPaint, and Desmos.



A month-long short film project I created with three friends of mine for Brown's Introduction to Computer Animation course. Modeling, Rigging, and Animation was primarily done in Maya, with additional clips and frames created using Blender, IbisPaint, and Desmos.

Character Animation Final Assignment

This is a short clip I created for my Introduction to Computer Animation class. We were given the choice of animating one of two prebuilt characters in Maya- Packageman and Eleven. I chose to animate Packageman performing a short taekwondo sequence, and then ended up having a little too much fun with the assignment. I rendered the short frame bursts during the black transition using DALLE outpainting, and I modeled, rigged, and animated the mechanical arm sequence that follows in Blender.

Falling Study

A short clip I created during our character animation unit as a fun side project.


Dance Theater Workshop Animation

A 9 minute long dance piece I choreographed, filmed, animated, and then edited together for my high school senior year project. Together, my friend Daniel Carroll and I spent over 200 hours hand illustrating roughly 1600 frames of animation.

Blender 3D

Shading Final Assignment

A render created for the shading unit of my Intro to Computer Animation course. Our assignment was to model, UV map, and shade an object of our choosing, so I recreated this glue gun from my desk in both Blender and Maya.

Gargoyle, 2022

Sculpting experiment with wacom tablet, work in progress.

Old Man, 2022

Sculpting on trackpad + experimenting with individual bone parenting/IK rigging

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Room study, 2022

General composition study, sculpted human and dragon, experimenting with posters using images as planes, brief introduction to using geometry nodes for a night sky

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Colossus, 2022

Visual arts figure study assignment interpreted through Blender. Practicing asymmetrical figure sculpting, volumetric lighting, and camera tracking.

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Wind Beast, 2022

Visual arts assignment interpreted through Blender. Experimenting with particle systems for hair and grass, as well as monochrome lighting and depth of field.

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Hand Study, 2022

Visual arts assignment interpreted through Blender. Experimenting with subsurface qualities of materials, hand sculpting, and use of the array modifier.

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Walking Bike, 2022

A two month long project based off of a cardboard kinetic sculpture I made in 2021.

First heavy dive into mechanical armatures and IK rigging.

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Head Study, 2021

First attempt at head sculpting using the trackpad, created a small flying spotlight using object constraints that would flap its wings and move across the camera frame(currently off screen)

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Space Helmet, 2021

Second project in Blender ever, learning basic physical modeling, as well as object parenting and object constraints. Rotating the top panel of the front facing aperture causes all panels to fold and close inwards.

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